OUELLETTE, Wilfred George

OUELLETTE, Wilfred George

Male 1926 - 1945  (18 years)



MILITARY - WORLD WAR II - 5th Marine Division Veteran

Marines of all descriptions,
Came from coast to coast;
To form a new division,
Camp Pendleton their host.

From the greatest of the old campaigners;
To the youngest of the fresh recruits,
The Marine Corps 5th Division was born,
And soon it started growing roots.

They volunteered as always,
You...and You...and You!
They knew the 5th Division,
Had a job to do...

From Pendleton to Iwo,
These men grew brave and tough;
They knew that what lay ahead of them,
Was going to be rough...

Bravely they went into battle,
Their casualties were high,
Their spirit is a strong today,
As it was in years gone by.

Their paths led them to victory,
Some stories yet untold;
The mighty 5th Division...
Proud and Strong and Bold...

This then is their legacy;
Of a division of Marines.
Their spirit lives forever,
On earth and on heaven's scenes...

Jim Travis
A Company, 1st Battalion, 26th Marines
5th Marine Division

From http://www.5thmarinedivision.com/vietnam.html

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